Sounds like another of those "Intel inside, Idiots outside" people that I came 
across in an IT department some years ago. I'd be tempted to tell him
to sort it out himself.

Roger Shuttleworth
London, Canada

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Ok I just got off the phone with this guy. He doesn't like my suggestions, 
Art's suggestion or anyone else's.
He wants to control what gets installed and downloaded on a machine so he wants 
to do all installs and downloads as administrator rights. He doesn't
want to give this person administrator rights to run the software in fear this 
person will download other things.
He installed photoshop and InDesign under these rules and they will open up for 
the user rights. It's just Frame that won't. He wants me to get with
Adobe and have them fix this or get answers to his problem.

He just sent me a log dissertation on why windows administrators must do what 
they are doing -- make everything tighter than bark on a tree.

Any other help appreciated.

Scott White
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