Note that multiuser is a different animal altogether from what has been the 
subject of this threaqd. Using that term when you're really talking about a 
"make this application available to all users of this computer" installation 
option is guaranteed to cause confusion, particularly if one is talking to a 
script-following customer support agent at Adobe.

Adobe used to (and maybe still does) offer a real multiuser, floating license 
version of FrameMaker that you would install on a UNIX server. Multiple users 
(up to the number of concurrent users the specific license allows) are then 
able to check out a temporary license from a license server daemon and run the 
application on the server from their own workstation. This is *totally* 
different from making one local installation of an application available to any 
user who has a legitimate login account on that specific system. 

As far as I know, all Windows applications must be installable so that they are 
made available to all users, but I believe it's optional whether they provide a 
"for this user only" option. The difference is whether the installer makes its 
registry and program menu entries in the profile of the installing individual 
(the admin in your situation) or in the standard Windows "All Users" profile.
-Fred Ridder

> Subject: Re: Framemaker installed under Administrator
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> Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2009 15:10:27 -0500
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> Simple question, does anyone remember/know if the default install for 
> Framemaker 9.0 is single user or if there is even an option to install 
> as single or multiuser?

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