Ken Poshedly wrote:

> Of COURSE things work faster when all are on the same drive -- I just happen
> to mention it here.

I guess I wasn't sufficiently clear. That's not what I said -- or meant. What's 
faster is reading from or writing to a drive that's _inside your PC_ and 
_directly connected_ to a port on its motherboard rather than a drive that's in 
some server that your PC accesses via an Ethernet, USB, or WiFi connection. 

Actually, having your applications on one drive and your data on another is 
faster than having everything on one (as long as both drives are _inside your 
PC_ and _directly connected_ to a port on its motherboard). 

> But the problem that did NOT occur last week DID occur first thing Wednesday
> a.m. here. He couldn't even work on any files because FM 11 kept crashing.
> And now it doesn't. THAT'S what I meant by the "go figure" comment.

And as I tried to point out earlier, network problems (latency, packet loss, 
congestion) tend to be intermittent -- unless you have a really crappy network 
and they occur practically all the time. :-(

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