I think you are wrong. The tone has not been argumentative, but  
several people (myself included) have merely been saying the same/ 
similar things.

Now, if your co-worker is still experiencing problems with opening  
files across the network then you need to look at the local  
installation. Kapil has said there is no new bug in FM 11 that would  
prevent it from opening and working with files on a network and that  
FM 11 does the same that earlier versions did. I don't think you can  
justifiably blame FM in this case. That being said, we have no idea of  
what hardware and software comprise your network, nor do we know  
anything about the software or configuration on the PC on which FM is  
installed. Any of those may be contributing factors.

The advice you received is the easy out. It rules out two thirds of  
possible problems and in this case it appears the cause may be  
somewhere in that two thirds.

This same outcome has been observed by listers but with a range of  

Good luck.


On 16/02/2013, at 2:54 AM, Ken Poshedly wrote:

> To all,
> Maybe I'm wrong but the argumentative tone of all of this with  
> regards to my question is the pits.
> As far as I'm concerned:
> 1. Contact Shekhar at tcssup at and discuss it with him.
> 2. We did what he told us to do.
> 3. No more problems (so far).
> OK?
> -- Ken

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