>     There's another good reason to MFC the linux patch on wednesday... 
>     that is, to do it at the same time the SMP cleanup is MFC'd, and that
>     is because both patch sets require the linux kernel module to be 
>     recompiled and I'd rather not force people to do that twice. 
>     The SMP patchset, in fact, requires that all kernel modules be 
>     recompiled due to the locks that were removed from the spl*() macros.

In that case I have a strong objection to the SMP patchset being
merged to 4.0.  I have kernel modules in object format only that
are working now, which this would break :-(.

Either way, nothing ever should me an immediate MFC, even a blantant
security hole should not be MFC'ed immediately, code needs to be
tested, and some other person might find a few niglets that need
cleaned up before you MFC it.  Who knows, you might even break the
system, and an immediate MFC would break both at once.

Never, ever should anything be immediatly merged.  IMHO, no even
spelling fixes, as I have seen those done wrong, patched, and MFC'ed

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