:>    Really, then you have a short memory.  Why don't we ask Jordan for a 
:>    clarification.
:How about if you let me review the patches in question and I'll render
:a decision.
:If you, Matt, could put the SMP and linux stuff into -current first
:and then give me a day or so to check it out, I'll submit my own
:opinion on whether or not this is "immediate MFC" material.

    The linux patch is the only patch under discussion here in regards
    to the simultanious commit/MFC issue.  The SMP work was committed
    to current almost a month ago so MFC'ing it now is not really an issue.
    (besides, if you remember our conversation back then both of us 
    actually did all of our testing of the SMP patch under 4.x rather
    then 5.x).

    The linux scripting patch is available, as I already posted, at:


    While it has not been committed to -current or -stable yet, it has
    been up for review for a while (3 weeks) and I have tested extensively
    while installing oracle and java under linux emulation.  And it only 
    effects linux emulation so it isn't as though MFC'ing it will suddenly
    break FreeBSD even under the worst possible assumptions.  As DG said,
    the linux scripting patch is simply not this big a deal... I don't know
    what Poul is barking at.

                                        Matthew Dillon 
                                        <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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