Nate Williams wrote:

> I was under the impression that 4.x hasn't been designated as the stable
> branch (yet).  That will happen when 4.1 is released, but until that
> happens 3.x is still considered the -stable release.

That would kinda make sense since cvsuping with tag=RELENG_3 seems to
give me FreeBSD 4.0-STABLE (#0: Sat Apr 22 20:59:03 PDT 2000)..

But besides that, this whole back and forth dont-do-this-do-that charade
is going to get pretty juvenile soon.. I mean we're (matt) already at
bad memory insults heh so how bout you both kiss/reevaluate and make up
before it gets so bad you try to keep away from each other next time
you're both at one of these conventions or whatever.. hmm now theres an
uncomfortable situation to be in for both sides.

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