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> :In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Matthew Dillon writes:
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> :>    There's another good reason to MFC the linux patch on wednesday... 
> :>    that is, to do it at the same time the SMP cleanup is MFC'd, and that
> :>    is because both patch sets require the linux kernel module to be 
> :>    recompiled and I'd rather not force people to do that twice. 
> :
> :Matt, this is not a valid reason either.
> :
> :Unless there is *urgent* and *overriding* reasons, and that basically
> :means that the security-officer says so, all changes must be shaken
> :out in -current first.
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> :That's just the way it is Matt.  Get used to it.
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> :Poul-Henning Kamp       | UNIX since Zilog Zeus 3.20
>    I think you're confused, Poul.  I've gone over the commits made
>    to the tree by people over the last few months and frankly there
>    are dozens of simultanious -current and -stable commits.  A quick
>    check shows that most of them are trivial bug fixes.  

And look at how many of them had to be patched, re-merged, etc.  IMHO
people are getting way way to loose with MFC right after a commit.  I
don't even want to see a MFC for a 1 character spelling fixed MFC'ed
in less than 3 days anymore.

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