:I will say it this last time:
:       Your patch does not qualify for immediate MFC.
:Poul-Henning Kamp       | UNIX since Zilog Zeus 3.20

    And I will say this to you for the last time:  Under the current rules
    my patch DOES qualify for an immediate MFC.   Hell, by the current rules
    developers can commit to 4.x FIRST!  And unless you can come up with 
    something better then this superior attitude bullshit, that is what 
    is going to happen in this particular case.

    Frankly, what it comes down to is that if DG or Jordan ask me to delay,
    I know they will have a damn good reason for doing so and I will of
    course delay.  But you, Poul, have used up all your brownie points and
    I'm getting tired of you changing the rules to suit your current whims,
    and then changing them again to justify your own commits.  Your
    duel-standard is getting rather tired and your words simply do not have
    any weight with me any more.

    If core wants to change the current rules, that's fine by me.  As I
    said before I think the breakage that we thought would happen with 5.x
    due to the BSDI merger that prompted the loose rules for 4.x is overrated,
    and the rules should probably be reverted back to standard.

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