On Sun, 23 Apr 2000, Matthew Dillon wrote:

>     If core wants to change the current rules, that's fine by me.  As I
>     said before I think the breakage that we thought would happen with 5.x
>     due to the BSDI merger that prompted the loose rules for 4.x is
> overrated, and the rules should probably be reverted back to standard.

Well, unless I missed some REQUIREMENT in "the rules", there is nothing
to prevent you from applying to your own actions the policy that you
think should be the rule and apply to everyone.

Just because you COULD do something and stay within the letter of the law,
that is no excuse to do it.

Although I suspect that your change is a general improvement, it is certainly 
a change that might have adverse impact on some users. Therefore, I think that
if should receive closer and more widespread review before being committed to 
any of the "stable" branches.

Personally, I will use the attitude that you have been expressing to justify
my claim that FreeBSD is still just a "developers' sandbox". Until ALL the 
developers start to think about changes from the perspective of the end user,
it will remain so.

IMHO, there is entirely too much rush to force untested changes on everyone.

Every change should flow through the slowly widening set of exposures afforded
by gradual commits to the various forums.

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