>       Does anyone know if this has been brought up with the folks at 
> Sleepycat to see if we could get a modification/clarification of this 
> point, so that as long as FreeBSD satisfies the necessary 
> requirements that this point of the license doesn't then recurse upon 
> people who might be using FreeBSD and linking with our libc?

Yes, this was brought up by the sleepycat people themselves over a
year ago and was part of a long discussion thread involving Keith
Bostic and a host of FreeBSD developers.  We were unable to reach such
an agreement or get any such modification of the license and so we
elected to remain with DB 1.85 at that time.

There have been no changes to the license or any apparant willingness
on Sleepycat's part to modify it in the ensuing 12 months.

- Jordan

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