> > > I'm aware that software was installing itself in /usr/local years
> > > before it was installing in /opt. On the other hand, vendor software
> > > was installing in /opt years before I ever saw it install in
> > > /usr/local.
> > Most vendor software I know pre-dates /opt, and installed itself in
> > /usr/local.  I'm with Warner on this one, installing in /usr/local
> > predates /opt by many years.  Before /opt, vendors always used
> > /usr/local, or worse they installed in /bin and /usr/bin.
> Oh, I agree that installing things in /usr/local predates /opt by
> years. I'm curious as to what vendor provided software installed
> itself in /usr/local, though, as I've never seen any.

I know that as recent as 3=4 years ago, Purify installed itself by
default in /usr/local, on SunOS and Solaris.  Lucid did this as well,
although things start getting pretty fuzzy going back that far. :)

> > > Then again, your quoting of "packages" points up something else - I
> > > never saw prepackaged binaries for v6 or v7.
> > I did on SysIII.  As a matter of fact, the entire distribution was
> > bundled into separate packets (all of them installed in /usr). :(
> SysIII was not something I ever worked with. I went from v7 to BSD
> until, and stayed pretty much BSD until I started working with Solaris
> in the early/mid 90s.

I ran mostly DEC boxes until the early 90s, which had all software
installed in /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin.

> > In any case, I think you're wasting your time trying to convince folks
> > here.  It appears to me that this is an argument going nowhere, and the
> > claims you're making of history and tradition are way off the mark, thus
> > making the arguments have much less weight.
> I few this as consciousness-raising. That's an ongoing process.
> My claims about "history" and "tradition" are attempts to refute
> Brandon's assertion that packages going into /usr/local has "years of
> tradition behind it." Mostly, it's about what *packages* are, not what
> /usr/local was used for.

I disagree.

> By your own admission, /usr/local wasn't used on v7. So the discussion
> should turn to when BSD started seeing prebuilt vendor packages to
> install in /usr/local.

Late '80s on DEC boxes running Ultrix (which one could argue is one of
the earliest commercial 'vendor' BSD unices).  I don't consider Solaris
a BSD unix, so it using /opt isn't a valid point, which makes the whole
concept of '/opt' for BSD packages a moot point. :)

Probably the same time-frame for SunOS, although I didn't have
experience with it until the early 90's.  However, if necessary, I can
try and dig out installation docs for some software which ask to have
the stuff unpacked in /usr/local.


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