:> and preferably on more than the i386 platform.  If we are going to
:> be serious about supporting more hardware platforms, then we have
:> to start treating them more seriously when major changes like this
:> come along.  If we can't get some broader testing of this done in
:> the next few weeks, then the changes should probably wait until
:> after "5.0".
:I believe that I read in an earlier thread that the archetecture-specific changes are 
:minimal, and that majority of the changes are 
:in high-level constructs in the kernel.  Of course, I could be recalling this 
:incorrectly, but I don't think I am...

    Yes, this is correct.  The assembly changes are just structural
    indirections for things that were broken off from the proc structure.
    The scheduler now messes with 'threads' rather then 'processes' for
    the most part.  That part of the diff set is involved but straight
    forward.  Julian also add KSTACK_PAGES to allow the kernel stack to
    be specified in a more controlled manner.

    Here is an excerpt so you can see what I mean:

-       movl    P_VMSPACE(%ecx), %edx
+       movl    TD_PROC(%ecx), %eax
+       movl    P_VMSPACE(%eax), %edx
        movl    PCPU(CPUID), %eax
        btrl    %eax, VM_PMAP+PM_ACTIVE(%edx)

-       movl    P_ADDR(%ecx),%edx
+       movl    TD_PCB(%ecx),%edx

    See?  not much too it.


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