nelsont>     I had to toss my 20011111 snapshot because it still had
nelsont>     the /mnt/dev sysinstall problem which was apparently
nelsont>     fixed as of 20011112.  It isn't.

I'll try to investigate tomorrow (strictly speaking, 'late today in
JST'; I'm sleepy), but according to my intuition, this is yet another
bug; something goes wrong when there are partitions already in a disk.

I have several questions to you before I reproduce this bug:

1) What's in your slice 1 and 2?  Windows? other FreeBSD?
2) You said that your ad0s3 was already partitioned.  Does this mean
   that you have already installed FreeBSD to ad0s3 and try to
   overwrite existing installations?
3) Do you have other fresh (i.e., non-partitioned) disk to install
   FreeBSD again?

-- -
Makoto `MAR' Matsushita

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