jhb> Err, well, when we run fsck on an existing partition, we
jhb> shouldn't say 'fsck /dev/ad0s1a', we should use 'fsck_ffs
jhb> /dev/ad0s1a'.  Does that make sense now?  We shouldn't be calling
jhb> fsck_4.2bsd for these filesystems because they aren't 4.2BSD file
jhb> systems per se, they are FFS, possibly with softupdates.

That's make sence to me.  We only run fsck to FFS, so it's safe to
change 'fsck' to 'fsck_ffs'.

jhb> With devfs /dev should have all existing disks and partitions.
jhb> At least if you open the device it will create it for you if it
jhb> is valid.  We should always use the devfs /dev if it is present
jhb> and fall back to /mnt/dev from the CD if it is not.

Maybe we can try to put mount_devfs and mount devfs to /mnt/dev.

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Makoto `MAR' Matsushita

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