On Sun, Nov 18, 2001 at 05:10:30AM +0900, Makoto Matsushita wrote:
> nelsont>     I had to toss my 20011111 snapshot because it still had
> nelsont>     the /mnt/dev sysinstall problem which was apparently
> nelsont>     fixed as of 20011112.  It isn't.
> I'll try to investigate tomorrow (strictly speaking, 'late today in
> JST'; I'm sleepy), but according to my intuition, this is yet another
> bug; something goes wrong when there are partitions already in a disk.
> I have several questions to you before I reproduce this bug:
> 1) What's in your slice 1 and 2?  Windows? other FreeBSD?

    The following is what the partition editor reports from the 5.0
    snapshot.  I've included it 'cause I've always found it amusing 
    how the partitions ended up being arranged on these drives.  (It 
    was originally a PartitionMagic effort to resize the factory def-
    ault Windows partition).

Offset      Size(MB)         End     Name  Ptype       Desc  Subtype

       0           0          62        -      6     unused        0
      63        5992    12273659    ad0s2      3    freebsd      165 C
12273660        3498    19438649    ad0s3      3    freebsd      165
19438650        5585    30876929    ad0s4      3    freebsd      165
30876930        0       30876882        -      6     unused        0
30876993        4000    39070079    ad0s1      2        fat       12

    ad0s2 has 4.4-STABLE on it.  ad0s4 is just a shared area.  ad0s3 is
    for -CURRENT, and ad0s1 gets the grand responsibility of looking
    after the stock Windows ME that came with the laptop.

> 2) You said that your ad0s3 was already partitioned.  Does this mean
>    that you have already installed FreeBSD to ad0s3 and try to
>    overwrite existing installations?

    Well, yes and no.  I actually already had a -CURRENT installed on
    ad0s3.  But this was from a slightly older 5.0 snapshot where I
    Ctrl-C'd in the middle of the bin installation, then made all the
    appropriate links to correct the problem of /mnt/xxx not existing.

    At the time I sent out the e-mail, I had manually newfs'd ad0s3[efg]
    from -CURRENT, then newfs'd ad0s3a when I was running 4.4-STABLE.

> 3) Do you have other fresh (i.e., non-partitioned) disk to install
>    FreeBSD again?

    In light of what you've just said about this being a different
    problem to what other people have been reporting, I marked each
    slice as being UFS+S Y so they were recreated with newfs.  This
    has worked!  So, it looks like it's just a problem with existing

> Makoto `MAR' Matsushita
    Thanks for your quick reply.


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