On 19-Nov-01 Makoto Matsushita wrote:
> jhb> Not sure what this is all about.  /etc/fstab should exist in
> jhb> theory.  Actually, it might not exist yet.
> /etc/fstab should *not* exist since /etc is in mfsroot.flp.  If there
> is /etc/fstab which is match your disk configulation, that's magic :-)

Yes, see my last sentence above. :)

> jhb> During an install w/o using existing partitions we don't have a /
> jhb> filesystem to put /etc/fstab in.  Probably we should use an
> jhb> explicit fsck_ffs or fsck -t ffs when fscking existing
> jhb> filesystems from sysinstall.
> We don't run fsck iff we don't use existing partitions.  That's why
> "/etc/fstab:0: No such file or directory" message are not shown.
> There is a code for fscking existing partitions but it doesn't work
> until my last commit to src/sys/release/{alpha,i386,pc98}/boot_crunch.conf.

Err, well, when we run fsck on an existing partition, we shouldn't say
'fsck /dev/ad0s1a', we should use 'fsck_ffs /dev/ad0s1a'.  Does that make sense
now?  We shouldn't be calling fsck_4.2bsd for these filesystems because they
aren't 4.2BSD file systems per se, they are FFS, possibly with softupdates.

> We are in 5-current era, and we can't asssume that all device file
> listed in existing /etc/fstab in /dev on the disk (imagine you add a
> new disk after installing 5-current).  Sysinstall should be changed,
> since it assume that /dev on existing (root) partition has all device
> files which are listed in /etc/fstab or whatever.  I'll try to fix in
> this evening.

With devfs /dev should have all existing disks and partitions.  At least if you
open the device it will create it for you if it is valid.  We should always
use the devfs /dev if it is present and fall back to /mnt/dev from the CD if
it is not.


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