It seems Kenneth Culver wrote:
> > Hmm, why do we need to add new layers and loss of functionality
> > to the ATAPI devices ?
> Many many many people would like to be able to use cdrecord to burn data
> to cd's so that all the front-ends to cdrecord will work. It's much nicer
> than memorizing mkisofs commandline switches :-)

Hmm, cdrecord can be used with the ATAPI sunsystem as it is, I did
patches for this long ago, but noone picked it up as a port...

> What functionality is lost by this ability?

Compare the features of the ATAPI vs SCSI CD drivers..

> If it has so many problems... why not just clean it up? Just curious...

Fine by me, but do you also volounteer the time and expertise to do that ?
This is the usual case of "we want it all" but noone is willing to
invest the time and energy to keep it floating.

I'll state it again, I have no problem with having ATAPI being
available through CAM, I'll even do the initial commit to ensure
integration is done in a way I can live with in the ATA/ATAPI
driver. But I do have a problem with what comes after that, I
do *not* have the time nor motivation for keeping this working
and upto date, let alone answering end user questions about
what works and what doesn't.

Do you guys have any idea what amount of time it takes to keep
modern device drivers etc up to date on HW that gets new versions
and types by the week ? I could use the hours I put into this
each and every week (and have done for the past 3 years in case
of the ATA/ATAPI driver mind you) for playing with my kids or
take the vife for a dinner in town, so excuse me for beeing a
little bit pissed when you say "why not just clean it up"...

Now, I ask for someone with the time, the knowledge and the
motivation to do the maintenance work on this when/if it
gets into the sources, thats all.

This is a volounteer driven project guys, you give some and
then you may be getting some.. 

I'm getting tired of giving and only getting requests for
more in return...


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