> Hmm, why do we need to add new layers and loss of functionality
> to the ATAPI devices ?

Many many many people would like to be able to use cdrecord to burn data
to cd's so that all the front-ends to cdrecord will work. It's much nicer
than memorizing mkisofs commandline switches :-)

What functionality is lost by this ability?

> > > So here's my vote for a quick commit.
> >
> > No.  See below.  There are still problems with it.
> I'll quit the ATA/ATAPI development/maintenance if this goes in quickly.
> There are alot of issues here that needs solutions. It will need a
> *serious* maintainer that handles all aspects of it, especially
> dealing with error reports for one thing, technically it needs
> to be brought to a state where it works on alot more HW that seems
> to be the case for now, and the integration into the ATA driver
> should be dealt with a bit differently.
If it has so many problems... why not just clean it up? Just curious...


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