Brett Glass wrote:

At 07:05 AM 1/1/2003, Cliff Sarginson wrote:

Let's stop kicking Richard Stallman.
He has his own agenda.

It should remain his own.

But GCC is why you can compile FreeBSD.

No, it's not. You can compile FreeBSD because it's
written in C. GCC just happens to be the tool that
comes in the package (which is a shame, IMHO; it's
not a very good compiler).

Any of you ever tried to write a compiler ?

Yes -- for a living. But I've moved on to other
pursuits, because GCC has sufficiently destroyed
the market that it is not possible to make a living
writing compilers. Quality doesn't matter; a mediocre
GPLed product precludes the release of good commercial

--Brett Glass

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GCC is a great gift to the world, and has made a huge difference to
the development of open-source software.  It can't be all that mediocre
if it has destroyed the market for higher-quality compilers!

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