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> Subject: Re: FreeBSD and AMD power management
> > Try the ports/sysutils/fvcool port ---
> > http://www.nt.phys.kyushu-u.ac.jp/shimizu/
> >
> > Using it has cut the average CPU temperature on my system from
> > about 70C to about 50C.
> It looked interesting; so I checked it out. Then it turns out this
> power-safe mode on your AMD CPU is disabled by default for a good reason: it
> makes your system unstable, and/or causes it to hang. Then cool is suddenly
> not so cool anymore. :(

I've never experienced any problems like that.  I suspect it's
probably one of those things that shows up under load.  As my desktop
box spends quite a lot of the time sitting pretty much idle, then
fvcool does it's thing without problems.  If it was a hard working
server then I suspect that a) the sort of problems you mention would
probably show up and b) there wouldn't be that much point running
something like fvcool anyhow, as the CPU would be active much of the
time anyhow.



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