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Subject: Re: FreeBSD and AMD power management

> YMMV, but I have fvcool running while building world, compiling
> ports, etc., and have never had the slightest difficulty.
> (However, Matthew's exactly right about there being little or no cooling
> effect when CPU utilization is running 97%.)  The Windows equivalent
> of fvcool, VCool, is installed on my W2K partition.  The only problem
> I've noticed there is that it screws up the sound from my Creative SB16
> PCI sound card, though not the onboard sound (Asus A7V333 board -
> I'm not at home and don't recall the precise designation of the onboard
> sound chip).  No problem with the SB16 on FreeBSD 4-STABLE with
> fvcool, however.

I am having the A7V333 board myself, so I am fairly excited. :) The
instability warnings came from the author himself, btw.

I took the gamble, with much trepidation (I hate to ruin my filesystem),
and, so far, my system is still running (AMD XP-2000). Temperature dropped
down about 18 degrees C. If this is going to work, for real, then Matthew
deserves a big cheer. :)

One thing is not entirely clear, though; is this something I need to enable
every time I reboot? Or is it tweaked to remain fixed in the BIOS?


- Mark

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