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Why then? Are you guys ever going to do something about Xorg DRI/DRM
for Radeon cards, Java, and Flash support? More importantly:

Since when is Xorg a part of FreeBSD?
Java ports / Java-diablo anyone?

1. Xen Dom0 support?
2. Fix SATA RAID driver problems?
3. Better chipset support for new 51xx Xeon and Core 2 Duo systems?
4. ZFS support?
5. Better support for 2TB, or greater, RAID arrays: (fsck, etc.)?
6. Speed up GigE and 10GigE stuff? checksum offloading, Interrupt load
problems, packet processing speed, etc?
7. Better SMP support, GIANT lock in RAID/LAN drivers, etc...


Why should I continue using FreeBSD when the project never delivers on
it promises?

Noone is forcing you to do so.
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