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My Dear Friend,

You will have to wait for a very long time then since all of the above except Flash (which Adobe does release for Linux but not for FreeBSD) works flawlessly on FreeBSD including watching YouTube (just use youtube-dl to snap the video and play with VLC). There are even alternative solutions for the Flash unless you want to play video games full of Flash!

I tried youtube-dl but every url I tried gave
youtube-dl: No match.


youtube-dl: No match.

I even installed the latest version.

Do only certain videos work? Do you have an example that works?

Any video posted on Youtube will work for youtube-dl . It will snap the file in .flv format which can be player only with VLC and MPlayer. Nothing else. Clive is capable of snapping videos from Google video as well and has an additional capabilities to converting
.flv files to more friendly video formats like .MPG

So what do you think? That I can not watch YouTube because I use FreeBSD? Funny...

There are at least 4 other way to watch videos on YouTube on FreeBSD running machine. The one I proposed is the simplest.

Thanks and apologies for hijacking your thread.

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