On Thu, 10 Jan 2008, Rudy wrote:

Aryeh M. Friedman wrote:

rm /usr/ports/distfiles/flashplugin/fp7_archive.zip

An other way to fix it in some ways is to run a make makesum to update
the distfile checksums

The fp7_archive.zip was an odd case were I felt more comfortable deleting it -- hadn't see that error before (and didn't save it to cut and paste). I thought it was only my system, but apparently, others had this same issue with the fp7_archive.zip file. Maybe a new one was released with the same filename on adobe?

Would "makesum" would blindly use what is in the /usr/ports/distfiles -- corrupt, man-in-the-middled, or whatever was there?

Yes. Don't use make makesum unless you're porting or at least know the distfile is safe. make distclean and a refetch is the safer way to go, or updating the ports tree so the checksum comes from someone who is presumably more aware of the correct distfile.

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