Unfortunately, the poor support for Flash, as well as other common web
features under FBSD, is a prime reason that I continue to keep my WinXP

flash is a proprietary feature, which doesn't run FreeBSD.

you may try to use linux browsers under emulation, you may use windows or do whatever else. using windows could be even better as most crappy sites are designed having only windows in mind and (w)internet explorer.

or - like me, you may simply don't use it.

i have a lot of choices about what bank to use, and the usability of web banking on MY (html/http compatible anyway) system was important. the bank i chose doesn't only run without flash and java, it just have best of all webservice, and have best bank offer anyway.

i do EVERYTHING through internet, being actually once in their office.

i think there is something similar in your country.

if others require flash7, java or other craps, they just don't want me to be their client.

same with every other sites. nothing wrong if they use flash to make some animation, but with site completely usable without this. if it's unusable - it means they don't like people like me to use/read that page. so i don't read and say "no thanks"

to tell you the truth - such site are usually not useful even without flash :)

so - while i've tested linux-opera port working with flash7, i just don't use it, and use native opera (and links-gui).
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