For kernel programming, obviously: C or C++, assembler for a target
architecture or two, Perl/Shell (for configuring your source tree).

For applications programming, C/C++ and PHP/Python/Perl (one of those
at least) and HTML, which will set you up to use 99.999% (give or take
:-) of GUI APIs and also to develop web sites.  I think most app
developers can do web stuff.  The great thing for app developers of
course is that Perl and Python are about as close as platform
independent as you can get.  You can of course replace Perl or Python
or PHP with Java.

For academic/research & development, Lisp or Scheme, C/C++ and Java.

For scientific/mathematical other than the above, including
engineering, C/C++, FORTRAN and MATLAB or Mathematica or MAPLE.
Replace FORTRAN with Lisp/Scheme for those engineers doing AI.

For 3D games, C/C++, assembler and (something else, maybe Lisp/Scheme,
since the latest games use AI techniques, and when learning AI
Lisp/Scheme is typically used.)

Natural languages: English, English and English.  ;-)

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