You're being redundant.

Oh. Thanks for clearing that up.

Seriously, this is just idle speculation until the OP bothers to tell
us what he intends to use the knowledge for.

Absolutely, which is why I am entitled to my opinion =) My opinion reflects my
interests in computer science and doesn't negate another individual's worth when
learning their facet of the science itself. There is no reason to be defensive. I could
argue that your languages are redundant in their scope as well. Its all relative to
what we desire to learn. I desire to learn Operating System design. Architecture
specific code. Portability, etc. Therefore, C asm and Java are hardly redundant.
If someone posts a languages question to a mailing list about an Operating System
(not a www mailing list or a XML mailing list or an OOB mailing list...) I have
to _assume_ they are talking relative to the topic of the mailing list. Even if they
aren't, I still have a right to state thoughts. Don't you think? =)

"dead cat in a top hat..."

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