On Sun, Mar 02, 2003 at 03:33:49PM -0500, taxman wrote:
> On Sunday 02 March 2003 02:22 pm, Cliff Sarginson wrote:
> > At the risk of being accused of a complainer.
> > I will state here that my experiments in the use of portupgrade, have
> > left me without a useable X system.
> > Guess it is back to the CD's.
> > Will the ports maintainers *please* make sure they release compilable
> > ports..especially for the big mothers like X/KDE.
> Cliff, it's worked fine for me.  I installed all of KDE3 from ports.  Got 
> virtually no errors, but I did do it by uninstalling almost all of my 
> installed ports.  So yes portupgrade for something that large did not work.
>        Try making packages out of what ports you have installed.  Then uninstalling 
> and reinstalling them shouldn't be too bad.
>       And you've got to understand the complexity problems involved here.  There 
> are 8200 or so ports right now.  Each has as many as 60 dependencies (like 
> kde).  This creates an incredible web that is very difficult to keep working.  
> The ports maintainers do a great job of this in fact.
>       What is nearly impossible is to have it work perfectly for every given 
> individual installation that may have many thousands of individual 
> configuration changes, versions, old binary, source cruft lying around.
>       So as mentioned before, problems could easily be due to stuff only you have 
> on your system.  Try building in a clean environment.  If you get the same 
> error in a clean environment then a clear message to the port maintainer with 
> how to repeat the problem is the only way for them to get it working.  It 
> doesn't involve knowing how to code in the given language, just useful error 
> messages.
>       An "it doesn't work" is useless and does fall into the complainer side, even 
> if you're not trying to.
> Try that and then ask questions if you can't get something working.
> Tim
I know, you are right. A complaint in a vacuum is useless,  I should know
better. All I can say is I *wanted* it to work :)
But (big B) I am using this on a very ordinary computer. It is my
personal part of the network. No big deals. Of course the whole ports
system has mind bogglinging complications with something like KDE. But
(another big B)..I did clean the whole situation up, and still stuff
will not compile, and not just lib/linking errors .. which are kind of
understandable, but syntax errors in the C(++) code. Now that is wrong.
Linking errors are as inevitable as the weather, compilaton errors are
not. Anyway I will shut up now, just a lover's tiff with FreeBSD, won't
end in divorce.

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