On 5 November 2012 06:49, Dmitry Kolosov <o...@z-up.ru> wrote:
> Please take a look at this: http://pastebin.com/7H0BGTfZ
> This is a tcpdump output on wireless router.
> Here,
> f0:7d:68:af:0e:b6 - is my wireless router 1)
> 00:1f:3a:25:47:2e - is my wireless client 3)
> First 2 packets from client (after powering up) contains something like
> "Receiver not Ready". Huh.. Also, packets from 1) to 3) never reaches 3). As

The RnR is just a broadcast frame generated from hostap.

> you can see, 00:1f:3a:25:47:2e asking for DHCP (BOOTP/DHCP, Request packets)
> over and over again.
> Same time, on client 3) tcpdump shows only request and no reply coming at all,
> except packets with ethertype EAPOL (0x888e) (auth?)
> Any ideas?

The first thing I'd do is start by verifying that the packet actually
went out over the air.

Put one of the atheros stations into monitor mode, then tcpdump -ni
wlanX -y IEEE802_11_RADIO.
If you run wireshark on FreeBSD as root, you can select the 802.11
capture format and it'll do that for you.
That lets you see exactly what's going on. However, it only can
decrypt frames sent to itself - so either you have to be running WEP
or OPEN. WPA /WPA2 won't let you see frames destined to other

I'd also add "options ATH_DEBUG", AH_DEBUG and ATH_DIAGAPI to the
kernel, so you can do more detailed debugging.

I'd also use athstats to see if your station is receiving the DHCP
replies. The "Rx" counter should be going up each time the server
sends the response.

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