> Thanks. Yes, please try a -9 snapshot and see if DHCP works from that
> laptop.
Done. Everything goes just fine. Tried 9-R livecd-mode.

It seems like after replacing a wireless nic on my AP only 8-based laptop 
refuses to work. It even associating fine, but did not received any packet 
from AP after association. Same time, AP received DHCP packets from this 8-
based laptop, and answered to it. But laptop does not received anything.

Anyway, same laptop works fine (wireless) with 9-R, linux debian, win XP at 
livecd or installed. 
All other laptops of my own running 9-S and working just fine. Other hardware 
like cell and tablet also ok with AP nic replacement.
Adrian, thanks a lot for work.
Waiting for complete 11n in -Stable.
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