Hello, thank you for your reply.

> Would you mind clarifying what you wrote a little more?
> What I'm reading this as:
> * If I grab an r258030 tree, it's broken on your NIC
> * If I then do what, apply r258034, it works?
> * If I apply 258035 -> 258085, it also works?
> I really would appreciate it if you would re-state what you've written
> so I/we can better understand :-)
> Something like:
> * Revision X, doesn't work
> * Revision X with revisions A, B and then C applied, does work
> * Revision X with A, B and C applied, and a modified revision D
> applied, does work (and attach the modified revision D)
> That way I/we can clearly reproduce what you've done. :-)
> Thanks!

  I'm sorry for my ambiguous representation.

Until Revision 257951, work.

>From r258030 to r258034, doesn't work. If antmask_2stream set to
be IWN_ANT_AB, work.

After r258035, doesn't work. antmask_2stream = IWN_ANT_AB doesn't help.

> Ok. So r258030 changed the antenna configuration for transmitting to
> use the tx chainmask from the EEPROM settings,r ather than hard-coding
> it to IWN_ANT_AB. This is needed because a bunch of NICs actually
> don't have two antennas and if you feed it IWN_ANT_AB it just plainly
> doesn't work.
> So, if you try -HEAD, but you set antmask_2stream to be IWN_ANT_AB,
> does it fix the problem?
> Ie, add this line
> linkq.antmsk_2stream = IWN_ANT_AB;
> .. just after this line:
> linkq.ampdu_limit = htole16(4000);

Yes, it fix the problem until r258034, but doesn't fix after r258035.
Rivision 258035 changed many lines and if_iwn_chip_cfg.h was created.
I faced a trouble about where should I try to change.

Kaho Toshikazu
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