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El 29/04/15 a les 11.11, Gustau Pérez ha escrit:
> El 27/04/2015 a les 09:56, Gustau Pérez ha escrit:
>>    Hello,
>>    I'm trying to port the linux block-iscsi hotplug script and I
>> discovered there is a chain of sourcing that ends up to including 5 or 6
>> scripts in the tools/hotplug/Linux directory. Can I  strip those and
>> rewrite them to include only the necessary code in the Freebsd hotplug
>> directory? I presume there's no assumption about the scripts' names
>> other than the hotplug script itself, but I'd like to first ask.
>    This morning I got some time to work the block-iscsi script. With
> some tweaking I was able to call directly the script with something like:
>           scripts/block-iscsi add
> iqn=bla,portal=bla,username=bla,password=bla
>    and I was also able to simulate the remove. To do so I had to comment
> out some variables (XENBUS_PATH for example).
>    Now I'm trying to test it at domain creation time, and to do so I had
> to uncomment XENBUS_PATH and the other changes. Creating the domain with
> the disk using the iscsi syntax [1] fails. In the xen log file I get an
> error complaining about XENBUS_PATH not being set [2].

Yes, libxl needs some modifications in order to execute hotplug scripts
for block devices on FreeBSD. If you take a look at
tools/libxl/libxl_freebsd.c:libxl__get_hotplug_script_info you will see
that hotplug scripts are only executed if the device is a nic.

I will try to craft a patch tomorrow to enable the execution of disk
hotplug scripts for FreeBSD. Also, if you run xl with "-vvv" you will
get a lot more of debugging info which might be helpful.

Since there are no block hotplug scripts for FreeBSD yet there's no
description about how parameters will be passed. I will also send you
the calling convention and what is expected to be filled by the hotplug
script upon execution together with the patch.

Thanks, Roger.

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