El 22/05/15 a les 23.10, Gustau Pérez ha escrit:
>    I'll take a look at those patches. I'm not sure if I'll be able to
> test them this weekend.

No problem, I've already sent the patches upstream for review but I will
make sure you can properly test them before they are committed.

>    My current kernel is a bit old (r281759 as of April 21th), and I'm
> currently using the
> 0001-xen-introduce-a-newbus-function-to-allocate-unused-m.patch. Has
> this patch been integrated in HEAD?

Yes, a proper fix for this issue was committed as r282634:


>    I'm considering rebuild everything and then try your patches.
>    Thanks for your efforts,

Thanks for the testing, Roger.

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