I tried unsucessfully to update trunk to latest lua and tolua versions. 
For some reasons I could not figure out, tolua generated a bad api_gen.c, 
and the makefile did not regenerate this file for me and thus alert me to 
the problems before I had already committed the changes. Even 'make 
maintainer-clean' did not clean out these files.

So I had to roll back the repository to the state before I started the 
upgrade. This generates some unfortunate svn noise, and William's r13000 
is gone. I am really sorry about that.

Speaking of r1300, I would very much like to see it go in in smaller 
chunks which are easier to manage when debugging using svn.

Also, while on the topic of api_gen.c|h, I do not see why these 
automatically generated source files are in the repository? All the tools 
required to generate them are already in the repository.

   - Per

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