On 1 July 2010 10:53, Goswin von Brederlow <goswin-...@web.de> wrote:
> Matthias Pfafferodt <matthias.pfaffer...@mapfa.de> writes:
>> Am Tuesday 29 June 2010 22:59:03 schrieb Andreas Røsdal:
>>> * Server architecture:
>>> The current single-threaded architecture of the Freeciv server will also
>>> be a limitation for large Longturn games. The server should probably be
>>> multithreaded to be more scalable. Would this be realistic?
>> No idea here.
> Is the server actually taking so much time? I think the worst time hog
> is the AI. Split that out into seperate threads and things should
> improve greatly.

 A couple of years ago I wrote proof-of-concept patch that run AI's in
separate thread so they could work at the same time when players move
removing long wait between turns. The idea was rejected on basis that
it would make debugging much harder.

 - ML

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