> This is great news, Matthias. What do you think about setting the maximum
> number of players to 1024? Also, how should Freeciv assign nations and
> flags to all these players?
> -Andreas

At the moment freeciv (trunk) has 205 nations. Thus, I think that 128 player 
are more than enough. Furthermore, a balance between the memory requirement 
and the normally used number of players has to be found. If you need more 
player you can create your own server by increasing MAX_NUM_PLAYERS (this 
will be incompatible!). Nations and flags are automatically (randomly) 
assigned to the players if they do not select one.

The patch as well as additional cleanups can be found in 
https://gna.org/patch/index.php?1732. Especially the information about the 
vision need changes.

Matthias Pfafferodt - http://www.mapfa.de
Matthias.Pfafferodt <at> mapfa.de

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