Follow-up Comment #26, patch #2715 (project freeciv):

> Also, I wouldn't mind being CCed to this bug, so I wouldn't need
> to recheck it manually.

I don't know if gna tracker even makes it possible to setup that for single
ticket (I don't see such field) and you have given no address to cc to; you're
just Anonymous. All comments from this tracker are cc:d to freeciv-dev mailing
list. Maybe you should join there if you plan to do more freeciv hacking.

I've had no chance to check your latest patch, but comments about previous:
- It didn't apply to trunk. Are you sure you are creating patches against
clean freeciv tree?
- Blocks commented out by "#if 0 ... #endif" should be removed completely as
soon as they are not needed for reference when developing patch - once patch
is considered ready for commit, they should be gone
- Compared to latest version of the patch I did, you have renamed some
variables containing cairo surfaces as "pixmap" - isn't that highly confusing
name for object that is not pixmap?

About increasing minimum required gtk2 version: there's no reason to try to
avoid it. Soon we have to start building against gtk-2.24 anyway and to fix
anything that's deprecated in our codebase by those standards. I actually have
separate patch just for increasing minimum requirement to 2.24. That separate
patch was created when it seemed that this one would take forever to get
finished, and I still probably am going to commit it before this one (like
committing it tonight and only checking latest version of this one)


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