Follow-up Comment #17, patch #2715 (project freeciv):

Due to your comment following patches are a bit rushed - among other, I
haven't checked it it still builds against gtk3.
Patches are against trunk, r20326.

I'm the guy from bug #18243 and bug #18607 (on that note: pretty please about
the later ?) Submission is anonymous only cause I don't like creating new
accounts that I'm nearly certain I'll forget about. The first bug has my info
on the referenced gnome and gentoo bugs. Just email me.

Somewhat in regard of the later bug: one of the blocks in those patches makes
the "Close" button quite large on the tabs, but without it, in vanilla freeciv
2.3.0 the icons in that button were noticeably cropped.

I've noticed something, that might have been bug #18844 so I've change
gtk_main_quit to client_quit in one place - I haven't checked, if it's still
needed after the patch in that bug.

Again, why is supported units pixcomm 3/2 times as high as present units ?

Obviously, there's still much cleanup to do, i.e. it seems
pixmap_put_overlay_tile_draw should always call pixmap_put_sprite and just
paint it again with CAIRO_OPERATOR_HSL_COLOR on 'if (fog)'.

Also, the only result of choosing "Lua console" in the menu is "Gtk-CRITICAL
**: IA__gtk_widget_realize: assertion `GTK_WIDGET_ANCHORED (widget) ||
GTK_IS_INVISIBLE (widget)' failed", but that's regardless of my patches.

(file #14248, file #14249)

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