Follow-up Comment #30, patch #2715 (project freeciv):

> To be honest, if these two patches were properly split, thre
> might have been at least 4-5 of them:
> - one for ggz_id
> - one for not gdk drawing related deprecations
> - one for GSEAL
> - one for cairo drawing
> - one for initial work on gtk3

Yeah, actually there was several of these patches in various states of
development when you published your mega-patch. I'm probably going to just
close those tickets as duplicates once these ones have gone in. I think it
would now be more work to split these two patches than it's worth.
Please open new tickets for new developments in the future.

One downside of this patch that combines both cairo part and gtk3 work is
that it's not easy to use it to switch also gtk2-client to use cairo.

I'm concentrating to get patch #2997 part in first, and only then start to
look this one.

Oh yes, ggz_id was mentioned back there. I'm afraid I didn't read older ones
of the comments posted while I was away very carefully, but jumped straight to
latest version. :-(


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