Summary: civ2civ3 ruleset update to v6
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            Submitted by: bardo
            Submitted on: vie 31 ene 2014 17:04:40 GMT
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I updated the S2_5 version of civ2civ3 ruleset with the latest changes already
available with modpack-tool for v2.3 and 2.4.

I included some additional changes adapted to the new features and AI of 2.5.

If you agree to include this patch, I can try to create diff files for S2_5
and Trunk too.

List of changes:
- Enabled Tech Upkeep, and multiplied by number of Cities.
- If a city supports more Military Units than its population size, each extra
unit will waste one Food, no matter the government.
- Large cities (Pop>=8) no longer get extra units free of upkeep or military
unhappiness. The result is 1, 2, or 3 free units per city, depending on the
- Disabled happyborders: Units cause military unhappiness if they end the turn
outside cities or fortresses, no matter if they are inside national borders.
- Readjusted effect of some wonders: Mausoleum of Mausolos, Statue of Liberty,
and those related to military unhappiness.
- Fixed Aqueducts (same as Barracks) to avoid duplicated bonuses when there
are two of them in the same ciy.
- Swapped Empire Size values for Fundamentalism (now 20) and Monarchy (now
- Pollution may appear in ocean tiles. Transports can clean it without the
need of Workers\Engineers.
- Enabled random disasters, and readjusted effects. Plague renamed to Flood.
- No infinite movement: Railroads x6, Roads x3, Rivers x3 (non diagonal).
- Electricity allows Irrigation without adjacent water (as in civ3).
- Removed effect that prevented extra output from cities where Irrigation and
Mine were present at same time (no longer possible).

- Units automatically move to the target tile after a successful attack, and
land units can not continue moving after the attack (OneAttack).
- Every unit pays some kind of Upkeep cost. Units lose one veteran level when
- Wheeled units (Big land) can conquer cities again, but do not take advantage
of terrain defense bonuses. Wheeled units can move to fortress even if not
roaded. Fixed bug that kept them from entering Glacier tiles.
- Fortresses do not affect national borders, and do not protect against Air
units nor Missiles (they do protect against Land and See units, included those
with CityBuster). Airbases do protect against Air units (+100% defend bonus).
- Rebalanced ancient units. Reduced defense of Archers to 1 and cost to 20 (no
IgZoc). Reduced cost of Legion to 30. Increased attack of Chariot to 4, attack
of Elephant to 3, and defense of Knights to 3.
- Triremes can navigate rivers. Caravel changed from (2/1) to (1/2), and cost
restored to 40, in order to encourage peaceful exploration of the seas in the
age of discovery. Reduced attack of Frigate and defense of Ironclad to 3 (was
4), and restored default costs.
- Air units can perform pillage (representing bombardment of infrastructure).
Increased defense of all Air units, in order to discourage the use of land
units to protect them. Helicopters can only be attacked by Fighters (with no
extra attack bonuses).
- Diplomats and Spies are invisible like submarines, but they pay upkeep costs
like all other units.
- Cheating AI level gets +50% defense bonus for units placed in land tiles
outside cities\fortresses.


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By: bardo



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