Follow-up Comment #8, patch #4460 (project freeciv):

Thank you cazfi.
I uploaded a .zip here instead of a diff patch because I wanted to know the
opinion of the developers about the changes, and as you have explained, to
know the best procedure to include them in the trunk.
My next planned step was to make the diff patch against the trunk, but I'm
glad you already did it.
From now on, I'll introduce new changes to the ruleset by sending little diff
patches compared to TRUNK.

The removal of "UnrestrictedInfra" flag from the River was on purpose.
Actually, in previous versions I disabled the mov bonus in river because I did
not like to see units moving faster in enemy territory along rivers than
moving by roads/railroads.
I like that restrictedInfra rule affect them all in the same way: the idea is
that rivers represent boats being used to move faster, same than rails
represent trains used to move the troops.

I forgot to list a couple of changes to text names: I renamed swordmen back to
legion, and renamed aqueducts to "Aqueduct, River" and "Aqueduct, Lake" for
aesthetical reasons. I'm not sure if such changes to names can be introduced
in the branch S2_5 or not.

I'll verify your patches now.


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