Follow-up Comment #3, patch #4460 (project freeciv):

I'd appreciate if civ2civ3 development would really happen as part of freeciv
development, instead of being drawn in as big lumps. Especially you should
make it as a patch from the beginning (i.e. have to version to match against).
One patch per logical change. I know that "one change" can be rather big in
ruleset development when you replace one implementation (remove it) with
another one (add it) keeping gameplay balance (other changes), but this update
seems like you're changing multiple concepts at once - each should be separate
patch & version control commit for people to be able to work on them on more
granular level.
What is the freeciv version control revision against which this new version is
made? So that if we put it in, what recent changes would get overwritten
(patch wouldn't do that, but would warn about conflicts if changes in your
tree and freeciv master are not compatible).

Don't take my criticism on procedure too negatively though. We definitely want
your excellent work on developing the ruleset in. Nobody else has the vision
of the ruleset you do, and what it takes to make and keep it balanced.


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