Follow-up Comment #4, patch #4460 (project freeciv):

I understand what you say, and I'm here in part to learn the procedures you
use to develop freeciv. But it is hard for me to find the best way to
procedure when I have to work on so many versions of the ruleset, when only
the latest one is being versioned here:

-v2.3 is optimized to be played with an earth scenario that is not included
here in gnu due to author rights issues, so I share it in the forum.
-I also verify that my v2.3 is compatible with android app that is also not
versioned here. This app is still using freeciv 2.3.1 as base, that I know.
-Finally, I send you a pack periodically to be shared with modpack-tool, where
I do not want to continually break compatibility of people playing previous
versions of the rules, so I thought it'd be better to join my changes in big
packs, that I always test for balance.

-v2.4 is the current released freeciv, where civ2civ3 was not versioned, and I
have always released the same packs than v2.3 with the same rules, adapted to
the new features of 2.4.
-This version have been used online in Longturn games and currently in
Greatturn games too, with some modifications that I try to take into account
for my changes.

-Now that v2.5 is being versioned here, I would also like to develop it the
way you describe, but at same time I want to introduce all the changes that
were already tested in previous versions, and until now I have done it by
sharing a big .zip so you decide the best way to commit them to the
If you think it is better that I create little diff patches with single
logical changes in them, I can try it.

-Then there is the Trunk version that I have never tested, nor I have adapted
the ruleset for it, so I'm not aware of the changes or new features, and I did
not know the best way to introduce the changes from previous versions.

I guess the objective would be to introduce all the new changes in TRUNK one
by one, then to test them all when it comes the time to create a new release.
The problem is that I have always developed this ruleset the opposite way:
first I test a newly released version of freeciv, and then I introduce the
changes needed to adapt the ruleset to the new features and the new behavior
of the AI.
That is what I just made with S2_5 rev#24276 (sorry, I forgot to say), and the
result is this patch.

Said that, I'm up to adapt my work here so civ2civ3 can be fully integrated in
freeciv development.


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