Follow-up Comment #10, patch #4460 (project freeciv):

Now it may seem that I contradict myself, but I merged your fix to the main

1) Patch must be correct so if my patch was not true to the subject "civ2civ3
ruleset update to v6", it needed fixing.
2) In most cases we want just one patch committed to each branch from one
ticket. Tickets are they way we track what has been done and what not, and
there's no such state as "1/15 Resolved, guess which one of the patches it

> Please tell me if this is the right way to create patches,
> becuse I have noticed your patches are someway different
> (mainly different paths and headers).

I don't use svn to create my patches, but standalone 'diff' program. I don't
think 'svn diff' allows any adjustments such as selecting the depth of
directory names included. While my workflow automation is somewhat happier
with patches formatted the way it does it itself, I don't expect you to any
extra work to get your patches to that exact form.

(file #19954)

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