Follow-up Comment #11, patch #4460 (project freeciv):

I see there is no contradiction, I understand that you requested one ticket
(not just one patch) per logical change.

I remade the whole patch including the fix, then I noticed the result was so
different from your patch, that I decided to upload only the fix, and to let
you merge them.

I forgot to include in my list of changes the main difference between v5 and
v6 of the rules:
>- Reduced by one the gold upkeep of Aqueduct, Bank, Stock Exchange, Port
Facility and SDI Defense.
(In previous versions they were already reduced the costs of Colosseum,
University, Factory and Mfg Plant).

The result is more similar to civ3, it encourages the development of large
cities, and I have verified that AI behaves better with these new costs.


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