I have been made aware that there is no description of the error I was 
refering previously here on the list. That's true, sorry, it was described in 
BugZilla. But a brief overview is:

- it requires Himem + FD Emm386 to be loaded
- it occurs when FD Himem has been started with parameter /NOX2MAX32
   or if another Emm386 compatible XMS host is used (MS Himem or QHimem2),
   which lacks this (NO)X2MAX32 parameters at all
- it occurs with (some?) DOS extended applications (my test case were
   DOOM, HERETIC, ...). Real-mode apps are not affected.
- it occurs on real machines (usually an instant reboot when starting the
   application), on qemu (usually a "freeze") and in vmware (which smartly
   tells that a "host stack" corruption occured). The virtual environments
   were setup with 128 MB Ram.

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