4-Авг-2006 18:50 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Japheth) wrote to

>>      But I agreed, that there not enough explanations what changed. For
>> example, I see, that eliminated call to INT 67/3F - but no commented why.
>> Also, I not see explanation, if move reading keyboard port after checking
>> Ctrl/Alt status is optimization or have some additional impact.
J> Sorry, I totally forgot these things. The keyboard port reading modification
J> is a qemu-related optimization, since reading the keyboard port
J> "unnecessarily" should be avoided there

     I agreed, that unnecessary reading IO ports should be minimized as
much, as possible. But is this only optimization or have some other issues?

J> (apparently gives problems with extended keys).

     Which ones?

J> And the New15 modification does at least not hurt, I thought
J> it was just forgotten by Mr. Devore.

     I think, not "not hurt" - this "must have" modification. Because
original code lost all previous flags and enables interrupts on exit (which
may be undesirable by caller).

J> The int 67h/3fh deletion was something I
J> didn't intend to make public,

     But you do.  :)

J> I deactivated it because I don't like this
J> feature.


J> Yes, I played a bit with the source and didn't use the original v2.21 one
J> when
J> implementing the bugfix, but for the 2-3 users which might be interested in
J> the binary ...


PS: There are more changes, which I not mention, and which are not
commented. For example, what does DebugBreak? (Letters "swat" suggest, that
this relates to 386SWAT debugger?) Then, you change "map" from "1.75M" to
"1.5M" - by which reasons? I suggest, this may have bad effect, because
Michael found (though, as always, not comment) some issues, which relate to
size of preallocated memory. Also, you add some deals with "client stack" -
no comments what wrong with original code. You replace some code by "clts" -
is it code optimization (reduction) or something more?

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