> > You would get more something like dosbox than something like dos ;-)
> Is this argument meant serious? Hopefully not, because it is "not very
> convincing". Why should a protected-mode FAT driver make DOS change to a "DOS
> emulator"?

I read some of such arguments in the past (not from you, Eric :-).
Like "this wouldn't be DOS anymore..." or "then it would be like
Linux...."  or "I only want to have a MS-DOS replacement" etc. I like
the idea of a modern OS called DOS. I am using all of new
software/drivers which are available. If FreeDOS 1.1 or 2.0 will not
include an "enhanced configuration" I will think of an own

DOS stands for me: compatiblity of old and new software, modular
design, possibility of 16-Bit, 32-Bit, real and protected mode. And of
a very very fast and small operating system.

It is true that no one can essentially cultivate exact science
without understanding the mathematics of that science. But we are not
to suppose that the calculations and equations that mathematicians
find so useful constitute the whole of mathematics. The calculus is but
a part of mathematics.
(James Clerk Maxwell)

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