> FreeDos Command.Com vs 4DOS
> Can someone explain the differences please?
> Which is the prefered one?

FreeCOM (the name of FreeDOS's COMMAND.COM) mostly aims to be compatible  
to MS-DOS COMMAND.COM. 4DOS doesn't, but it provides many new functions  
and features. 4DOS may not work with complicated batch scripts (file  
extension .BAT) written for MS-DOS, but it's easier to write new batch  
scripts. It also has a nice user interface, the embedded help program  
describes the available features well. FreeCOM is still the standard,  
basic CLI of FreeDOS (so expect it to be available on most FreeDOS  
installations) but it seems many users now prefer 4DOS (which is free as  
well now). You may ask Lucho (the maintainer of 4DOS and that website) for  
more information about 4DOS, or some of the other guys on this mailing  
list for more information about FreeCOM.

> and are there differences between
> http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?forum_id=930832
> and http://4dos.zzl.org/

No, the first page contains just a message of the FreeDOS project's news.  
This message refers to the same 4DOS program found on the second page.

Next time please start a new discussion if you want to ask a question that  
doesn't belong to an existing discussion. Starting a discussion is done by  
sending a new e-mail to the freedos-user address instead of replying to an  
existing message.


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